Whole School Spelling Champions Competition Spring Term 2018

Spring term 2018
Why have a spelling competition?
This year we are trying to raise the profile of phonics and spelling in our school. We are working hard to teach the children the value of learning to spell. Just as we celebrate sports at Sports Day, we want to celebrate the efforts children are making with their spelling!
How is the competition organised?
On Friday 23rd February the children will be given a list of words to learn for their spelling competition. These will be also available on the school website. Heats will take place in classes during the week beginning 19th March. Three children from each year group will go through to the final which will take place on Tuesday 27th March. All children will be involved in supporting their peers at this event. Children do not have to enter the competition, however, practising their spellings regularly at home may give them the confidence to take part in the heats.
There will be certificates for all children who take part and prizes for the winner in each year group. The children will also earn 1 house point for each correctly spelt word during the heats.
Good luck Everyone!